Newsplore is a one man IT shop founded in 2004 in Toronto, Canada and focused on software consultancy and product development.  I know that a product's success is measured in the ability to survive beyond its first deployment. A good product should withstand an ever-growing customer base and should be extendable and able to be  supported in the long-term with minimal costs.
From inception to the final deployment of your system, I can help you to select the right development methodology, technologies and tools to drive your project to long-term success.


Best technologies are not enough to build the best products. You need the right people too.
My core competency areas include:
  • Web 2.0 development
  • Java EE technologies
  • Pluggable and distributable architectures
  • Internet/Intranet web portals
  • Server-side and client-side wireless applications
  • Desktop applications
  • Content management systems including Document Management and Workflow-based technologies
  • Geographic Information (GIS) technologies
Newsplore produces software too. See the Portfolio section for more information.